Anika Wells
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Anika Wells

Labor Candidate for Lilley

"Working, living and raising a young family locally, I know this isn’t a matter of smaller or bigger government – we are demanding better government. We have the power to imagine better for ourselves and our children. I’m running to be your representative and serve in a Labor government focused on the future, not itself; on people, not profits - because we live in a community, not a corporation."

- Anika Wells, Labor Candidate for Lilley 


Will you help Anika win Lilley?

This election is going to be close. Scott Morrison is attacking hospitals, public schools and penalty rates. Volunteer and join our community campaign and help Anika win Lilley for Labor.


Meet Anika

Anika Wells is the daughter of Kent and Deborah Wells. Her parents met in London – Kent is from Melbourne, Deb is from Auckland, NZ – and eventually they decided to marry and settle down in Brisbane, somewhere between their two hometowns.

Anika’s mother Deb worked in administration and training for a number of aged care facilities. While Anika was working her way through university, she worked at a nursing home too. Kent spent the last 20 years before his retirement working as an accountant at the Brisbane airport, within the electorate of Lilley.

Growing up in suburban Brisbane with her two brothers, Anika’s parents taught her the importance of contributing and the value in earning your keep.

As a child, Anika had a love for history and became a teenager active in public service and volunteering. On school holidays, Anika used to volunteer with an organisation that took kids with disabilities on trips away from home, to give them new experiences. It is a dedication to serving others that she has carried into her adult life and professional career.

Notably, Anika has spent the past five years working as a lawyer for people who have been injured at work, on the road or in public places. She spends her days fighting insurance companies to secure fair outcomes for her clients. She remains a volunteer at the Nundah Community Legal Clinic, located at the Nundah Community Centre down on Station Street.

She also co-founded her local parkrun at Chermside, and more than 5,000 participants have completed the course since mid 2015, covering more than 150,000 km on the local footpaths throughout 7th Brigade Park.

Anika was born and raised in Brisbane, where she graduated as a College Captain from Moreton Bay College, which she attended on academic scholarship. She earned a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University. Anika is married and lives her husband, young daughter and their rescue kelpie in Chermside.


Anika's Priorities

Easing pressure on Northside families

The cost of housing has gone up. The cost of an education has gone up. The cost of childcare has gone up. The cost of private health insurance has gone up. But Australian wages have been remained the same for the past five years. Northside families are working harder than ever but we’re getting squeezed despite our efforts. It’s never been more difficult for young people to buy a house or build financial security. Labor has a plan to help, which you can read here.

Building a strong economy that works for all

Company profits are growing at more than twice the rate of worker wages. Yet last year, a third of Australian companies paid no tax. A multinational company or CEO should not pay less tax than their own executive assistants or their cleaners, whose work make their profits possible. We need to fix our tax system to make things fair for all of us who are contributing to Australia’s economy. You can read Labor’s plan do this here.

Looking after patients and health workers

I have fought hard to secure a new MRI license for The Prince Charles Hospital here in Lilley, because my priority is looking after our local people – whether they are the people in need of our health and hospital system, or the people that care for them. The Liberal National government has cut the penalty rates of 700,000 workers while giving handouts to big business. They are more focused on helping the multinational pharmaceutical companies than the patients who need a script. Labor has a plan to ease pressure on household budgets which you can read here.


Get In Touch

I'd love to speak to you about any issues or concerns you have. Our local community is my number one priority, so feel free to drop me an email any time at [email protected].


Authorised J Campbell, for the Australian Labor Party (Queensland Branch), 16 Peel St, South Brisbane 4101